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Create a customized application for your festivals, record labels, film/TV producers, bands, radio station, program, podcast, syndicated programming, educators, celebrities, non-profits, and more. JUST ASK!

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Radio Station Offer


In one easy click your audience will be enjoying your station’s live stream.  This turnkey solution for audio providers puts you in the hands of more than 20 million iPhone and iPod Touch users around the world.  Uprise Works will help you develop the branded, personalized application as well as strategize the best way to turn it into a new media marketing machine and a revenue generator. Embrace this powerful new media as a tool to further your vision, your station and your brand.

Your Radio iPhone Application will include basic features with the option of adding custom features to expand the content delivered to your listeners. We can use your existing brand and station identity or help you create a unique look.

• Branded station icon on iPhone desktop
• Placement in the iPhone store
• One-touch access to stream
• Customized & branded station home screen
• On/off and volume control
• Profile page on iTunes with customer reviews
• Usage statistics

• Sponsor & advertising logo and banners
• Podcast archives
• Video archives
• Direct call station request line
• Link to web site & email
• Ticket giveaways
• Blog
• Twitter live feed
• Search database for artists bios
• Artist and title of songs as they play

Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want!!  
We will work with you to make it possible.


What is the "basic" radio iPhone App?
The basic radio iPhone App is an application branded with your station identity that directly points to your station's mp3 stream.  One click and the user is listening to your station.  The application will be available in the iTunes App Store free for download and available to iPhone and iPod Touch owners.  That's more than 20 million users around the globe!!

Why do I need a radio iPhone App?
The planet is going mobile!  The radio iPhone App represents the revolution of taking your radio station anywhere in this world: your house, the gym, Mozambique, the car, the supermarket, anywhere you can imagine.  Our radio app is the perfect turnkey solution for radio stations - terrestrial, Internet, HD, syndicated, or brands looking to get their streams into the hands of their listeners on the go.  It symbolizes your station is on the cutting edge.

What features does my basic radio app come with?
These are the basic features that are included with your radio app.
• Branded station icon on iPhone/iPod Touch desktop
• Placement in the iTunes App Store
• One-touch access to stream
• Multiple streams • High and Lo bandwidth
• Customized & branded station home screen
• On/off and volume control
• Profile page on iTunes with customer reviews
• Usage statistics

Can I customize my radio app?
You sure can.  If you want to go beyond the basic radio application immediately and want an application with more bells and whistles then we can work with you to develop an application and price that works for you.

Can I update my basic radio app?
Our basic radio application is based on a one-time fee.  If you are interested in updating your app it will involve creating a new version of the initial application.  There are some advantages to releasing a new version of your app, which include being re-released onto top of the "New" category on the iPhone search directory, some of these updates include new features, and fresh graphics. If you're interested in doing updates or multiple applications please contact us to discuss.

Can I have direct links to my app on my website, emails and blog?
Yes, absolutely.  You can place a link anywhere on your site or in your email newsletters that directly links to your application, bypassing the iTunes Store main page and App Store menu.  It's just a couple of clicks away.

Can I link directly to my site or include other contact information on my app?
Yes.  We will work with you to design an optimal application for your radio station that lets users interact with you on a variety of levels.  Including, link to your site, direct email link, one touch text or blog link.

How many of our station streams can I have on my app?
The basic app will allow for up to three channels and we offer two different bandwidths, low and high.

Can I have an application that is a paid download instead of free?
Yes, you can, and you can set your own price.

What if I need help with graphics?
If you don't have your graphics developed and ready to use or you need help with graphics and the overall look and feel of the application we have a team of designers that will be happy to assist you.  This service is included in the one-time fee.

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