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The collective that makes up Uprise Works is a globally connected team with a wealth of talented collaborators and business associates within entertainment and professional companies throughout the world. Life long relationships and exemplary business practices fuel the Uprise pipeline from New York City to the world. We can help you with any of the services below. Click on any service to read more.

* Marketing * Collateral Design + Brand Development
* Consulting * Music Supervision
* Phone Consultations * Email Announcement
* iPhone Application Development * Social Media Development
* Event Production * Recording Studio
* Radio Promotion + Publicity * Remix A&R
* Programming + Curatorial Direction * Street Team Promotion
* Booking/Performance Solicitation * Legal Affairs
* US/Canada Tour Promotions  
* Content Acquisition  











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We offer a variety of marketing services, customized for each client, including online marketing, traditional branding, and promotional advertising services that can increase your exposure, traffic and profits. Our approach is strategic in each instance to help our clients reach consumers through an assortment of means. Good planning is essential for success and a thorough marketing plan is fundamental to generate revenue and manage your target audience. We will help you create a detailed roadmap that outlines all of your marketing strategies, tactics, activities, costs and projected results.

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For close to a decade, the members of Uprise Works have been conducting a one-on-one consultation service to artists, record labels, individuals and companies throughout the world; from pop bands, top international artists, wellness conferences, start-up businesses, music festivals, and corporations looking to reach 'the new mainstream'. Our behind the scenes expertise and illuminated counsel has helped guide the growth of countless organizations. This is an advisory service only, to help you and your organization plan out your career, map out the bigger picture and strategically execute effective marketing/promotional campaigns. Read more here.


Phone Consultations
Our phone consultation service provides coaching for independent songwriters, musicians and bands in any genre that provides the tools, tips and direction necessary to move your career to the next level, brainstorm ideas and put the power in your hands to turn your music career into a revenue generating business. The phone consultations are usually one-on-one but more participants can be accomodated by request. Read more. Contact us now to get started.

Legal Affairs
Uprise Works' legal affairs group is spearheaded by Ali Sachedina, founding partner of the New York based Law Offices of Ali Sachedina. Licensed to practice in New York and Virginia, Ali represents a wide spectrum of music-related clients - from emerging artists to award-winning producers; from startup labels to new/digital media concerns in both the United States and India. Sachedina serves counsel to a plethora of North American and European based clients as well as dozens of clients specifically from the Indian subcontinent.


iPhone Application Development
A customized iPhone App can put you in the pockets of more than 20 million iPhone and iPod Touch users around the world.  We work with a variety of developers to produce dynamic, customizable mobile applications for radio stations, festivals, record labels, film and television, bands, educators, celebrities and organizations and more, just ask. We work with you to development your very own iPhone Application (App) that suits your needs, serves your audience and builds your brand.  We also work with you on planning long term success through strategizing the best way to turn it into a new media marketing machine and a revenue generator. Read more...

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Event Production
Uprise Works has produced well over a thousand successful events of varying scopes. We develop inventive live music, festivals, corporate and entertainment events around the world, working with each of our client's on their individual needs including event strategy, design, logistics, financials, talent acquisition, promotions and all elements of production.

Events, when executed with a sound strategy, enable you to stand out from your competitors and create a meaningful impact with your audience and market. Events generate leads, nurture prospects, build awareness, impart knowledge or enhance relationships with your existing audience and clients. Event types may include: Concerts, Seminars, Launch events, Educational programming, Festivals, Corporate, and Special black-tie or charitable.


Radio Promotion/Publicity
We have a seasoned radio promotion expert on our team who works with musicians from many genres with a specialization in international, AAA, folk, electronica, dub, and compilations. Effective radio campaigns target stations that will embrace your music so that your CD/single gets maximum airplay, promote your festival, performance or event.

Artists will achieve national exposure through on-air features, interviews, giveaways, and partnering with stations on unique features. Tours can offer extra opportunity to do targeted radio campaigns in tour markets where concert dates can be announced on-air, in-studio interview/performance, ticket giveaways and additional airplay of your music. We get your music directly to the decision makers and charted at traditional non-commercial, community and commercial stations, online, satellite, syndicated programs and music services including NPR, XM, Sirius Satellite Radio, Music Choice, DMX, AOL, Live 365, and many major markets such as New York, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

We can also create regional radio campaigns around your events, festivals, and performances that target stations and their audiences to generate ticket sales, increase awareness, and build your audience for future events.

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Programming + Curatorial Direction
Uprise Works has connections to artists, manager, talent agents, and record labels throughout the world. With a specialty in world music and dj culture the Uprise team has knowledge of rising stars to help our clients build dynamic programming. We can assist with complex contract negotiations, talent buying, agreements, rider issues and more. We can help you program events, concerts, festivals, corporate functions, new product launch, and other special, customized events with bands, dj's, dancers, visualists, motivational speakers, health and wellness instructors, and more.


Booking/Performance Solicitation
Though we are not a booking agency, we do however produce tours and concerts. Our years in the live concert industry throughout the Americas have positioned us with great relationships with venues, festivals, and agents. We can help you and your team in the solicitation and follow-through in developing your touring livelihood and steer you towards the goal of securing agency representation.

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US/Canada Tour Promotions
Any successful tour needs a good marketing team to spread the word to press and radio, to sending posters to the venues, to updating all e-marketing sites. At Uprise Works we have the teams to put the word out to projects as specialized to most any ethnic community, and the larger main stream audience. We not only help reach your fans, we create new fans along the way. We have years of experience producing and promoting tours throughout the US and Canada.


Content Acquisition
Our years of relationships with record labels, artists and managers will help us help you produce customized content for your retail store, your website, and any creative project. Acquisition agreements can vary considerably in terms and conditions, ranging from flat fixed fees to complex royalty arrangements based on exploitation results which may be recoupable against advance payments made to licensors or talents. Be it the use of music, video, concert footage, etc, we can identify the appropriate artistic source for your project and broker content acquisition contracts between your company and the rights owner.

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Collateral Design and Brand Development
Creative solutions for a variety of advertising and marketing needs. Our graphic design solutions are based on market research and reflect your company's needs, target market, and marketing goals. Every font, color choice, graphic element, paper selection and printing process is chosen to coordinate with your brand identity. Our creative team can create marketing materials including:

Catalogs Newsletter Design - print and electronic Logos
Brochures Print ad design and layout Banner ads
Presentations White Papers Posters + Banners
Annual Reports Business Cards Photography
Media Kit Design - EPKs + VPKs Letterhead Direct Mail
CDs Mission Statement One Sheets
Website Design Taglines Email Signatures

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Music Supervision
Uprise Works can help create the soundtrack to your advertising campaign, TV show, film, documentary, etc. With decades of collective experience in the entertainment industry, good taste, and an encyclopedic knowledge and love of music, our team can pull together all the elements from creative selection, song solicitation, and contracting.


Email Announcement
Our popular GlobeSonic e-newsletter can help put the word out to well over 10,000 music fans who share an interest in world music, dj culture, live music experiences, wellness and yogic practice. It is made up of fans and tastemakers and has been developed for over 10-years. We can announce your new album, concert performance, tour schedule, etc.


Social Media Development
We will assist in the development of your social network to facilitate business networking and the sharing of information through a variety of outlets including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. It will be built to reflect your brand and goals. Social networking can have a widespread impact on your business by providing ease in reaching out to potential clients and opening new market frontiers across the globe.

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Recording Studio
Our music production facility in Queens is fully equipped to record acoustic sessions or electronic productions. Our in-house engineer and available team of producers can help you craft a sound or simply capture and perfect the songs you are composing. Recording to ProTools and Logic, with a wide assortment of microphones, great live room, baby grand piano, and collection of vintage synthesizers, fender rhodes and honer claivnet.


Remix A&R
For years, the team around Uprise Works has produced countless compilations and remix projects. The valuable relationships we have built since the boom of electronic music in the late 90's, with leading djs and remix producers around the globe will give you leverage in remixing one song or reinventing your entire catalog. You will then have vibrant, new product to sell to the market, license for film and/or television.

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Street Team Promotion
Our experienced street team is able to promote your event or product to complete strangers by hand-to-hand delivery of fliers or samplers, wearing your t-shirts, and able to speak about what we are promoting. Our team can target music events, wellness gatherings, and ethnic neighborhoods through the boroughs of New York. We can custom tailor the timeline and campaign focus to your needs.

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